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Travel Information

Discover, adventure and jungle trekking in Izabal

Walk through the trails and get in contact with true nature. Let the jungle show its secrets in a full interpretative trail.

Discover the wonders of the "Tropical Rainforest" while you walk through the reserve across bridges and meditation platforms.

Open your senses and enjoy the sounds of the rich biodiversity. "Las Escobas Tropical Rainforest Trail" is a family attraction!

Home for over 400 species of birds, insects, reptiles and thousands of plants and other animal species, some of which are unique to this area of the world.

We provide the services of local guides, members of the local community, who have received full training to make your visit a very pleasant, enjoyable and informative one.

Tour content

  • Trail walking in the magnificient nature live museum of the tropical rainforest of Cerro San Gil.

  • Enjoy a wonderful swim in the natural pools and pristine waterfaals of Rio Las Escobas.

  • Learn with the company of a local guide who will share their extensive knowledge of the forest and way of life.

  • Observe the grandeur of the Tropical Fauna:

    • Mammals

    • Insects

    • Reptiles

    • More of 400 hundred species of birds.

  • See the splendor of the tropical floraand experience its great diversity!